LED & Tourism

The objectives of the LED and Tourism section are:
  • to promote local economic development;
  • to promote SMME development (entrepreneurship);
  • to promote tourism initiatives;
  • to promote forestry development;
  • to promote Agrarian Reform.
Local Economic Development

Umuziwabantu Municipality’s Local Economic Development Unit will be a facilitator and conduit for required resources and identified socio-economic community needs with a clear development focus on the creation of a growing local economy. The Umuziwabantu Municipality’s LED Unit is committed to promote quality economic development facilitation and coordination services to its communities by:
  • Facilitating opportunities for SMME’s;
  • Supporting poverty alleviation projects;
  • Facilitating agriculture, value-adding and market access opportunities;
  • Developing an investment attraction and marketing strategy for our area;
  • Facilitating finance, funds and resources from non-governmental, private and donor sectors;
  • Monitoring the creation of jobs/business opportunities created by Umuziwabantu Local Municipality.

The vision of the tourism division of the Umuziwabantu Municipality is to promote and develop the local Tourism Industry as a key economic sector within the regional economy. Its mission is to successfully market, promote and develop Tourism Products and Services in the region, based on the principles of responsible tourism and good governance.

Core Objectives
  • To develop emerging tourism products and services.
  • To develop a local tourism strategy.
  • To support provincial initiatives in order to increase local and international tourism.
The economy is based on two major capital labour intensive sectors, namely Agriculture and SMME development industries. These industries combined, account for jobs that have been created within the municipal jurisdiction.

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